Thursday, August 28, 2008

In the Time of Chimpanzees, I was a Monkey

A few random notes on life around here...

  • We're still marathon training though it isn't easy trying to schedule each of us around Linus. It means one can run early in the morning and the other after Linus is in bed. Tonight I ran at 7PM and by the time I was heading home it was pitch dark. I couldn't even see my feet much less anyone else on the trail. It was definitely a bit scary. It would be much easier if I had one of these. Maybe one will magically appear for my upcoming 30th birthday.
  • I've been wasting time browsing Etsy lately. Have you checked it out? I would really like to find a cute hat. I need something to cover my hair on days I haven't yet showered.
  • The hubby had his first guitar lesson last night. I think I actually came up with a present he may still remember next year. Video games are so soon forgotten. Plus, I was slightly selfish with this gift since he might learn a third song. I love Iron and Wine but could use a break from these two songs at least as played by someone other than Sam Beam (and The Postal Service).
  • I'm excited to announce that I received my 2nd ever bloggy award. Octamom bestowed this one on me and I'm just thrilled. She actually thinks I'm funny which is quite shocking since I came from a family where I was probably the least likely to crack a joke. I guess the humor must have just rubbed off. I'll be pondering who to share this honor with in the coming days. (Bribes are accepted.)
  • On the random occasion when I'm too tired to blog or have nothing worthy of blogging, you can always follow me on Twitter. Yes, it is slightly narcissitic to think that anyone cares about my hour to hour thoughts... except of course my mom, she loves me.
Oh, and the title of this post has nothing to do with anything. It's just random like everything else. It is however the first lyric in this oldie, but goodie. I love Beck.


Octamom said...

Hey Girl!
My pleasure! Now I'm off to go hunt you down on Twitter--


Anonymous said...

your mom may love your twitter, but your mother-in-law does too! It is just nice to see what you are up to at any given moment! And sometimes it even involves the "little man" Love it! gramma B.