Monday, July 21, 2008

We've Only Just Begun

For posterity's sake, here's a rundown of Linus's current skills.

  • He's not yet walking, but he can cruise like a teenager. Okay, so he doesn't drive but he does pull up on and travel along everything. He loves pushing anything and everything around the room. He prefers to push two items at the same time (some combination of his cow, push toy, and/or new bike). He can also crawl like a madman. He uses three different crawling methods depending on what the situation warrants. (Normal crawl for most situations, bear crawl for unusual surfaces, and commando to get under things.)
  • He has a limited oral vocabulary. The word he uses most is duck in reference to anything with a beak or bill or sometimes anything yellow. He says mama when he is upset and wants only me. He says dada and sometimes it seems he is actually referring to his daddy. And when he sees or wants one of the cats, he'll say kiki (kitty), click his tongue and pat the furniture. This rarely attracts a cat.
  • Linus is generally a happy child. He laughs easily, flirts often, and loves to entertain. Lately, though, he has begun showing a little toddler temper. When he is upset (something is taken away, he is moved from a situation, or he is told 'no'), he will throw his head down on the ground face first (similar to a prostration) and quiver with anger while letting out a wail. Sometimes he even smacks his forehead a bit hard and the wailing is greater. Since it is so similar to a prayer position, we like to say that he is "praying to the gods of injustice". It is very hard not to laugh at his baby rage. He gets over it pretty quickly but we know it is only a taste of what's to come.
  • Currently, Linus has no allergies to any foods (at least that these amateur parents are aware of) and he really has no food aversions either. He will eat pretty much anything that is placed in front of him and he will eat a LOT of it. At most meals, Linus eats about as much as I do sometimes more. His favorite food is still bananas followed closely by spaghetti (or at least the tomato sauce). No one can eat a banana in his presence without a major freak out. He HAS to have some, actually all of it.
  • As far as fun time, Linus LOVES to read. Some mornings if he awakens earlier than we would like, we'll just hand him a stack of board books and he will 'read' for at least 20 minutes. Linus loves to play in water. He has no fear. He loves the bath, the pool, the sink, and the ocean. We're pretty sure he's going to love his sand and water table (our b-day present).
  • He is very affectionate. He gives very wet, slobbery kisses spontaneously. He also gives "Eskimo" kisses on request (touch finger to nose). He loves to be held and worn (in the sling or mei tai), and he still loves touching hair. One of my favorite things is when I'm holding him and he'll lean his head on my shoulder, put an arm around my back, and run his fingers through my hair while sucking his thumb. It's only a problem when those fingers are drool or spaghetti coated.
  • He has at least 7 teeth which he knows how to use. Watch out! He has left us with wounds on more than one occasion. We are currently battling this one out.
He's really come a long way from being a baby, which we'll miss, but we're also so anxious for his future achievements.


William said...

"Only just begun" is right, but I mean that in a good way :-). It's great to follow along and see Linus doing so well.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to do one of these for your husband. I'd like to see his list of skills.