Saturday, July 05, 2008

One Perfect Day

Today, we took full advantage of our live-in nannies. Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Chelsea babysat Linus. This was pretty much the first time we've really left him with a babysitter. Usually, if we go out, he's already in bed for the night or it is only for an hour or two. Today was different.

Adrian and I left the house this morning at 9AM. We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at Rue Cler consisting of the Crepes Du Jour, the Omelet Du Jour, and a half dozen beignets. It was such an extravagance to sip a cup of coffee rather than chug it when it is already cold.

Once we were thoroughly hopped up on caffeine, we decided to do a little shopping. The very idea of being able to try something on had my heart racing (or maybe it was the caffeine). We hit Old Navy first followed by Adrian's fave, Best Buy. Once back in the car, we realized that lunchtime was approaching. We had planned to return home in time to feed Linus but we were having too much fun.

We quickly called home to check in. After getting the A-OK from Jonathan and dishing out some unnecessary feeding and scheduling tips, we headed to the mall. We piddled our way through Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor Loft, Game Stop, and Barnes & Noble all the while holding hands like two crazy-in-love teenagers.

Eventually we headed home arriving just as nap time was beginning. We were able to catch a few quick z's before hearing the squeals of our little guy. And of course, my favorite part of the day, the snuggles I received when I picked him up out of his crib. He missed me! He may not have cried when I left but he sure was glad to see me come back.

I love my guys.

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canape said...

Sounds heavenly, and that restaurant is going on the top of my list of places to try. Beingets. Yum.