Wednesday, June 04, 2008

If Linus Could Twitter (Part 1)

6:30- Awake! Hungry!
6:40- Daddy stumbles down the hall to get me... finally.
6:45- Done nursing. Time to try to pry Daddy's eyes open (literally).
6:47- Rejected by daddy, I seek out the comfort and entertainment of mini blinds.
6:50- Get pinned by a daddy who thinks I might go back to sleep. Ha! Smile at Mommy who finds this all too funny.
7:00- Squirm just long enough to convince Daddy to get a move on. Fuss at Mommy as she runs to the shower.
7:05- Suffer the embarrassment of a diaper change. At least sometimes Daddy does something entertaining like stick a suction cup to his forehead.
7:15- Caged like a wild beast while Daddy gets my breakfast ready.
7:20- Offer under appreciated advice to Daddy about the speed of his preparations and the level of my frustrations.
7:35- Strapped into the food chair where Daddy flails his hands about while repeating "Eat." over and over. "Yes, dummy, I'd like my breakfast now." Begin shoveling handfuls of Cheerios into my mouth.
7:45- Eating. Breakfast is my favorite meal because it usually includes fruit instead of vegetables. I love fruit.
7:50- Beam a giant smile at Mommy who comes in the kitchen just in time before Daddy freaks out.
7:55- Enjoy a yummy breakfast of oatmeal, blueberries, and egg yolk with the folks.
8:15- Kiss Daddy bye and continue eating.
8:30- Announce an end to breakfast by tossing random bits of food on the floor.
8:35- Get my face shredded by the washcloth. Resist Mommy's attempts to clean my hands by intermittently grabbing bits of banana.
8:40- Freedom! At last, I am released to continue my exploratory studies of this place we call home.
8:45- Having spotted Eliza out of the corner of my eye, I immediately dart in her direction. That rascally cat escapes this time.
8:50- Continue explorations until Mommy makes some crazy gesture and hauls me to the changing table of doom.
9:00- Oh no! I think she's gonna try to make me take a nap.
9:05- I won't nap. You can't make me.
9:10- I... won't... Zzzzz...
10:10- Awake!


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I think some of his tweets are bit over the limit. ;)

I like the gesture bits - I bet he understands some of them though!

Tonya said...

cute and very funny!