Thursday, May 08, 2008

Spaghetti Monster (Not the Flying Type)

Today Linus experienced his first "real" meal. By real, I mean, he ate the same thing that we ate... no purees or other bland foods.

For lunch, we had what my family refers to as "Spaghetti Lite". It's cooked spaghetti (in this case, whole grain) with a can of diced, seasoned tomatoes. A very simple, quick meal with ingredients that can be kept on hand. I served it with whole grain sour dough bread, watermelon, and a salad. Linus got everything except for the salad.

The look on Linus's face when Adrian gave him a taste of tomato was priceless. It was "you've been holding out on me" and "get me some more... NOW" all in one. He was in heaven. I quickly chopped up some spaghetti and dumped it on his tray and Linus began shoveling it in as fast as he could. He was cooing with happiness.

I guess we have a winner.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Spaghetti = best food ever! I love it!

loving green said...

that pic on the left is priceless!!! LOVE it :)