Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Smiley Happy Baby Laughing

Linus was in a fantastic mood today. Aside from being happy to be home, hopefully this also means that tooth #3 has finished its painful entry.

This afternoon, he had so much fun re-exploring all of his previous haunts from a new upright view. That's right, Linus pulls up on everything now. He also had tons of fun climbing over the couch cushions I spread on the floor. I remember little less than a month ago when this challenge was just too much and he ended up with tears of frustration. Today, he was up, over, rolling down, and even standing on the stacks of cushions. All that stair climbing in Lawrence must have strengthened both his legs and his confidence. With his ever increasing mobility, I began a list of things we need to purchase for his (and also our) safety... gates, more outlet covers, cabinet braces, etc. Not to mention, it's high time to move him into a bigger car seat. Therefore, more is in my future. It is neverending.

Oh, and Linus joined us in doing our civic duty by voting in today's primary. It was a nice little walk and he was rewarded with a "I Voted" sticker which he promptly attempted to eat.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I'm clearly glued to the computer today... But I'll embrace it. I was just thinking today about your shelf stability and Linus's safety. :) I have too much time, perhaps. But I remember this tall curio thing my grandma had that my brother and I each pulled onto ourselves on separate occasions. I guess no one thought to attach it to the wall?

I'm enrolling at State this week... Eek! It's real!