Monday, May 12, 2008

Same Story, Different Chair

In the early days of breastfeeding, I often felt as if I lived in the blue glider. Linus was a slow and frequent eater. He would nurse every hour and a half for an hour at a time. This left only about 30 minutes for me. I remember feeling like I had become part of the chair. I remember really hating breastfeeding.

Fast forward to present day... I now spend a large chunk of my day in a red kitchen chair. Linus is again learning to eat, this time solids. From the time that we sit down with all the food to the time I finally cut him off, I have sat watching him eat for almost an hour. He'd happily eat all day if I'd let him. Combine the eating time with meal preparation, clean-up, and nursing sessions and I spend over 4 hours feeding Linus. I just want to shout, "Hurry up already!".

Of course, as with the breastfeeding, this too will pass. And, I know that one day I'll look back and long for these slow meals. For today, though, I just need to remove my behind from this red plastic chair before it becomes permanently attached.

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Your chair post reminds me of the woman who got stuck to the toilet (a fabulous PR bit for Kansans). :),2933,337232,00.html

As I've been writing the date today, I keep thinking of Linus! Happy 10 months!