Monday, April 07, 2008

Reality Check

After having read this post over at "To Think Is To Create", I decided I would join in. Basically, she says that we (women, mommies, wives, etc) expend too much energy worrying about keeping up the appearance of a spotless house when in reality we are all in the same boat. I couldn't agree more. She goes on to say, "We forget that NO, everyone else just cleans up like mad the second before you arrive at their home." That statement was so true that I burst out laughing. This mad cleaning is the reason my closets are always chaotic.

So, I invite you, blogosphere strangers, family, and friends, to have a look at our home in its "natural" state.

(If you click here, it will take you to Flickr for more "natural" photos and a few notes on what you're seeing.)

Won't you join me in trying to cast aside the belief that everyone else lives in a magazine spread clean home, and instead broadcast the reality for all to see and take comfort in? Post your own pics (whether on a blog or some photo site) then leave a comment so I, too, can find solace in the reality of life.

You can also add your "natural" home photos to the Flickr group below.
Where I Live: Fo'Realz
Come on, be brave.


To Think is to Create said...

Love it! Thanks so much for joining in. I hope others are brave too...

Anonymous said...

we actually have friends with whom we have agreed that no matter what we will not allow a messy house detour us from getting together on the spur of the moment! So I have been at their house for impromptu dinners and they have at ours too! It takes the stress out of so many things! And we get together much more often than we did before we just "let it all hang out!" Life is too short! Terry B.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

But see, your bed is MADE under the clothes... Mine never is!

I like the idea! I'm sure you guys will be welcome to come visit our continually messy house when we're in NC :)

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Oh, and have you guys made the chicken and biscuits in the everyday food this month? We're about to enjoy it right now. It smells delicious and it was very easy.

abbyjess said...

We haven't tried that but I have tried an older E.F. recipe for Chicken and Dumplings that Adrian absolutely loved. He whines b/c I don't make it everyday.

Yes, the bed is made *almost* everyday... That is a goal I set when I became a SAHM. It wasn't ever made when I was working. Getting out of it at 5:30AM did not make me feel like I should make it look nice.

Blessedw4mom said...

I love the idea!!! With 4 kiddos the truth is our house is always a mess ... not dirty just a mess ... and mostly and organized mess ;-)

I like your blog ... just stumbled across it thru the Babywearing Bloggers. We love BW-ing too.

Nichols Family said...

I have to agree that we also clean like crazy just before company arrives. I do make my bed every day...and I make sure the kids do too, but most other messes live and breed during the week! Thanks for shedding light on this and making me feel "normal"...if there really is such a thing!