Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Polygamist News

Although I will reserve my judgment in regards to this case until all the facts are known, I do have a problem with this.

A breastfeeding mother is making a choice that is in the best interest of her infant. In this situation, is the court system acting in the best interest of these babies? Couldn't they find a solution that both protects these nursing babies from the risk of harm but still allows them to receive what is definitely the best feeding choice for them?

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Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I've been reading that blog as well, and I grimace whenever I think about what's happening. Because while I'm sure there are some great foster homes out there, and foster-care is sometimes better than the home situation, the foster system (at least in KS) leaves something to be desired.

And this particular decision seems heartless. Sure, it will be a pain, but let's at least try to find a way to let breastfeeding happen.