Sunday, April 13, 2008

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity-Jig

Wednesday decided today was a beautiful day to go explore the outdoors. Adrian was a wreck (of course). He had opened the kitchen window because the overflow angel food cake was burning off in the oven, and I laid down for a nap while the boys went walking. Wednesday chose this time for her great escape. We spent the entire afternoon wandering the neighborhood calling for her, grocery shopping forgotten. Even Eliza was worried.

After 4 hours AWOL, we broke down and put up signs. She was promptly spotted a few minutes after the last sign was posted cowering under a porch a few houses down. After a 5 minute game of chase, she veered to the front door and upon it's opening dashed inside.

She will soon be dealt with using the proper kitty discipline technique of "Corporal Cuddling*".

To celebrate the prodigal's return, enjoy An Engineer's Guide to Cats. (*Demonstration of Corporal Cuddling begins at 4:23.)


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Four hours and you put up posters?!

abbyjess said...

I had to come up with something for Adrian to do. He was certain she was dead. The first place he went while searching for her was down to the busy street to see if her body was there. I mean, come on, the posters provided some focus for him.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Also, I vote for cat yodeling. That's awesome.

And we got a card addressed to Grandma and Grandpa Bartel today - we called them and we'll send it their way. You had the correct address; I think they just forwarded it because Jonathan's mail-forwarding is still active or something...

amy said...

adrian must have been out of his gourd. what a nightmare. i'm glad everyone emerged with only psychological trauma.

by the bye, that video is genius. where do you guys find this great stuff?

Cheetah said...

Were you aware that I spend a lot of time on the internets? I don't know how I ever lived my life without it.

By strange coincidence, that dude's in Wichita.