Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rough Seas

Linus had a bit of a rough day... or maybe it was me who had the rough day. I guess his sprouting tooth must have been hurting him because he was quite a fussy little bug. Of course, it didn't help that I too was having a grouchy day. I think mine was due to the cold (by NC standards) weather. I don't like being cooped up inside all day.

In order to soothe the angry monster, I put frozen squash in his mesh feeder. At first he was very hesitant to even put it in his mouth (I think the temperature surprised him), but once he discovered it was an old favorite, he went to town. It was quite a mess.

Afterwards, he took a bath to remove the orange goo from the numerous places it had hidden.

All his tooth popping must have worn him down because this is what happened after Daddy gave him his final bottle of the day.

We didn't even put pajamas on him. We just sent him straight to bed. Poor guy.

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corrie said...

Oooo. Those teeth are rough. They came fast and furious for Lily, so she could barely catch a break in between. That was several weeks of frequent grouchiness, poor eating, and waking in the night. I hope Linus has an easier time of it.

What a sweet, sleepy angel, though!