Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Sharp Kid!

Linus participated in a study at Duke University today. He journeyed over to the Infant Cognition Center in order to show-off his early knowledge of mathematics. More specifically, it was a study attempting to pinpoint what infants know about greater than and less than relationships. The researchers were observing the amount of time Linus studied a set of objects to identify whether he was noticing the difference. Of course, during the research, Linus thought it would be a good time to play peek-a-boo with Mommy. I did my best to ignore him but who can resist that smile.

In other (bigger) news, as we were putting Linus down to bed tonight, he got my finger into his mouth and ouch, there was something sharp and pointy in there. After a long wrestling match, we were able to see the edge of something white poking through his bottom gum. That would explain the fussiness that started about 4PM today. I thought he would be fussy much longer before that but really it was just in the few hours preceding. However, who knows what kind of night we're in for. Wish us luck...

Oh, and one more thing... a round-up of events for the month of February.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

A tooth! Hooray Linus!

I love the part at the end of the video when he's babbling. That's perfect.

What are you using to edit videos?

abbyjess said...

We use Windows MovieMaker. It's not as good as iMovie but it'll have to do as the Apple has rotted.

corrie said...

I like the talky part best! Sounds like "Dada" may be the frontrunner right now? Lily did that, too, but now she's all "Mama"'s girl!

Ooh, and watch out for those teeth. We're still figuring out that those can hurt, and do some damage. My glasses are irreparably scratched up.