Saturday, December 08, 2007

While He Lay A-Snooze in His Bed

Friday afternoon Linus took his longest nap ever. It was no record-setter for many babies, but two and half hours for Linus is unheard of.

Unlike most of his longer naps, I was able to make good use of the time having fun Stampin' Up. I used a new set of alphabet stamps that I recently purchased in order to make two holiday onesies for Linus.

However, the smooth sailing didn't continue forever. When I washed the onesies, some of the ink bled making a mess of the images. Using some trickery, I was able to salvage both (the Snow one better than the HoHoHo).

I can't wait for Linus to wear these during the next few weeks.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

In the picture, the letters look distressed - I like them!

abbyjess said...

The stamps did make the images appear distressed. They have that worn-in look which is pretty neat.

Amy of the Lingenfelsers said...

They turned out so well! What a great idea... don't hate me when I steal it... : )

Terry B said...

I think no matter what kind of craft project you do the color red always seems to be a problem...but these look great. Terry