Sunday, October 22, 2006

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This was the "conversation" via the comments section of my Facebook page in regards to an article I posted about a Virginian candidate for Congress.

Commenter N:

The Crimea River is in the Ukraine, not politics. I have a few issues with this article:

1. Be aware of how you behave and future of such actions (Which she indicates she is)

2. Her issue with lack of support and this paragraph make nooo sense....coherent thought please?

"I wondered, was it because they felt I hadn’t paid my dues? Was it because they were worried, that with my relative inexperience, men wouldn’t take me seriously and I might enforce the stereotypes they had worked so hard to break down? I was often told to cut my hair, to wear shorter heels, to dress in drab colors. I realized it was actually because they wanted to protect me. They did this because, for their generation, female sexuality was dangerous to display in the workplace, especially in politics. "

Way to turn support from your gender to a sexist argument.

3. Sorry, sex has nothing to do with the "coming to light" of her escapades. Enter video of drunk George, loose lip Biden, etc etc etc etc etc etc. I could go on and on and on about this issue but specifics are aware of your actions and stop blaming random sheep.
One question coming away from this article are in an up and coming state where democrats are having more why do the people you look up to not support you??? Just questions....

My response to the above comment:


First off, if you would like to enter into a well-reasoned, logical, and intelligent political debate, it would be best to not begin with a belittling statement.

Second, I do not understand what about that paragraph you quoted is not coherent. I understood her perfectly. She is simply saying that her predecessors must be concerned that she was breaking the "rules" of proper female professionalism- rules that should have been made negligent years ago. She is saying that her predecessors knew that their backwards thinking male counterparts would believe that her refusal to conceal her body and her feminism would be a perfectly logical reason to not take her seriously.

This is an issue that many professional women, myself included, have faced. Our society needs to come to the realization that just because I have boobs and a baby on my hip does NOT mean my intelligence is not as superior and my opinions are not as important as theirs.

In regards to her being aware of how her behaviors would affect her future goals, I would like to direct your attention to your own publicly available Facebook pictures. There are photos in which you are seen cavorting with men dressed as women in provocative sexual positions, attending gatherings in which binge drinking is apparent, and additionally posting photos of naked men. If you were to be denied a job based on these photos, I'm pretty sure you'd be livid. YOU weren't actively participating in these questionable scenarios. Would it be alright if I were to base my entire summation of your character on these few photos?

We ALL do stupid stuff. That Ms. Ball is being labeled a "whore" and that these random photos are being touted as a reason to not vote for her is wrong.

While I do appreciate you taking the time to scan the article and post a comment, I would appreciate it more if you would attempt to look beyond her politics and consider some of the fantastic points she makes regarding a NEED for more active political involvement from women of hers and my generation. We are after all the ones who will be giving birth to and raising the next one.

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